What Are The Main Types Of Inspirational Leadership In An Organization?

    What are the main types of inspirational leadership in an organization? Being an inspirational leader in an organization comes with a lot of things that most people do not seem to recognize. It is very common to find people looking at all organizational leaders as being the same in all areas. However, even within a single organization with different branches which work with the same rules and regulations, there can always be differences with regards to how each of the leaders deals with those who work in the organization. This is to say that there are different types of inspirational leadership in an organization. The mere fact of being an inspired leader who is able to get results from your subordinates does not necessarily mean that you are a truly inspired leader. There are two main types of inspirational leaders in an organizational setting and even when two leaders are using the same leadership style, the difference is always clear to see.

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    The types of inspirational leadership in an organization are further dealt with are:

    • The Transformational type of leadershipThis is the type of leadership that seeks to use emotional and intimate means to get workers or followers to better connect with the aspirations of the entire organization in a very formal but yet relaxed environment. The leader who uses this type of inspirational leadership style may have all the qualities and technical knowledge of the work or role that he or she is to perform but does not force the aspirations of the organization on the workers. Rather, such a leader creates a very friendly and confident working environment which allows the workers to individually realize how important the work that they are doing is and what it means for the growth of that particular organization. The transformational leader seeks to ensure that the workers or followers are made to be aware that the leader cares about them and regards them as being very instrumental if the company or organization is to make any inroads with the targets that it has set. Such a leader does not impose his or her ideas on the workers but rather convenes meetings with them so that their ideas and opinions may also be sought for with the view to helping the organization grow from strength to strength. Even with all the knowledge of a particular leader, he or she never wants his or her workers in the organization to take the ideas that come from him or her in a manner of a hook, line, and sinker. This is how the transformational leadership style works as it seeks to ensure that people get transformed through the attitude and intimate relationship that the leader has with them in order to also be inspired and confident in putting in their best for the organization’s growth.
    • The transactional leadership styleThis can also be classified as an inspired type of leadership. The leader has all the qualities that a good leader is supposed to have and makes sure that the people or workers have a clear idea of what the organization seeks to achieve both as short and long term goals. He or she relates with his or her workers in a very strictly formal way and only makes conversation with regards to the things that happen within the organization. In times of convening organizational meetings, he or she makes sure that his or her views are gotten across to the workers and expects every instruction to be strictly followed. Although such a leader does not use external force on getting the workers to perform their duties, the type of working environment that is created is that of a master and the servant. Such a leader does not make any effort to even bother about the personal welfare of the workers. All that concerns this leader is the organization being able to realize all the targets that it has set. Aside from these targets of the organization, nothing else is of importance to him or her. 

    These are the two main types of inspirational leadership in an organization and the common thing about them is that they are all able to get the desired results from the workers. However, the significant and most glaring difference between the transformational leader and the transactional leader is that the transformational leader sees the creation of an enabling environment which in itself helps to encourage the workers to put in their best whilst the transactional makes everything within the organization very formal. The transformational leader makes it his or her priority to show concern and care about the personal wellbeing of those that he or she leads but that is not the case with the transactional leader as he or she only cares about the organizational goals and not the personal wellbeing of the workers.

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