What Things Are Involved In Moving From A Present Condition To A Desired Condition?

    What things are involved in moving from a present condition to a desired condition? The act and art of leadership is all about identifying the negatives of a current situation and doing all that you possibly can to make sure that you move away from such a situation towards one that has a lot of positives. This is what each and every leader sets out to do and it is upon reaching any of the goals he or she has set that success can be mentioned. This means you are only recognized as being a successful leader when you are able to achieve some if not all of the goals that have been set for the organization.

    An individual’s quest to reach his or her goals has never and will never be as lateral is it so often seems to people outside. There are a lot of things that come into play the moment a person decides to embark on a journey from a negative present state of being to a positive future desired state. This article will provide you with the various things that come into play and what they all mean to you as a leader. Read on and equip yourself with all that you need to know as a leader in an organization or over a group of people.

    Dissatisfaction: This is the situation whereby an individual is not happy with a condition or sees the present condition as not offering enough in terms of opportunities for people to make use of in order to better their lives. This is the first thing that comes into play when a leader decides to do something to achieve a target or goal. It stems from the fact that he or she does not find the present state as being up to the level that people expect and as such a lot of inconveniences have been created. This is what urges a person to make a bold decision of helping to eliminate that situation and create an enhanced one.

    The taking of initial steps or actions: This refers to the action that an individual takes after identifying the destination that he or she wishes to reach. Being dissatisfied with a condition will urge an individual to look for solutions and when such solutions are found he or she will be expected to move towards achieving those targets so that the desired state will be reached. The whole process of identifying goals and looking for ways to achieve those goals all constitute the taking of initial steps or action. Having a vision is just a part of trying to move from a state of being dissatisfied to the desired state whilst the other part involves the very first things you do with regards to realizing your dreams.

    The costs involved in achieving your goal: This also relates to the various risks that you will have to take if you are to reach your target and what effect such risks are bound to have on your life and that of those who have decided to follow you. It involves everything that will be used in trying to reach the desired destination and comprises of material, financial and the human resources that will be needed if you are to succeed on the path you have taken. This aspect pits the rewards with the risks that are being taken in order to ascertain whether the goal will be of any value to those concerned or if it will end up being a worthless adventure. Every leader should be able to give a raw sketch of what he or she thinks will be needed if they are to succeed in achieving their goals. Daily inconceivable decisions that are to be made: 

    This is also referred to as the area of ambiguity. This is the part of your leadership where you need to make certain choices and decisions which were never part of the initial design. They involve the identification of new and alternative routes that can be equally used in order to reach the desired target in case there is an obstacle in the path of the first route chosen. This is an area that shows how flexible you are with the choices that you make and the changes that you can make when presented with any unforeseen emergency.

    The goal or target: This refers to the desired state that you wish to reach. It is in stark contrast to the condition or situation that you were dissatisfied with and has all the negatives of that previous state being turned into positives. 
    For any individual to embark on a journey to reaching his or her targets, the above-listed points are the things involved in moving from a present state to the desired state.

    What things are involved in moving from a present condition to a desired condition?

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