What Two Reasons Can Be Given For Not Achieving Your Goal As A Leader?

    What two reasons can be given for not achieving your goal as a leader? It is very interesting to find out that a lot of people do have genuine goals but they all do end up as nobody due to the fact that those desired goals that they had never materialized in their life and that of others. It is only when you are able to achieve the goals or targets that you have set for yourself or a group of people that you can be acknowledged as a leader. However, that has been as elusive as trying to locate the landing place of a rainbow. That does not also mean that every individual who was not able to realize his or her goals that he or she set for a group can be referred to as a failure. There are those who can be classified under the category of leaders who have not been able to achieve their goals and two major reasons are always accountable for such things. These two major reasons that can be given for not achieving your goal as a leader are;

     Not being in a position to do it
     Not wanting to do it

    More light will be thrown on these two major reasons in the paragraphs below so read on to equip yourself with why they are given as the main reasons for not being able to achieve your goal as a leader.
    Not being in a position to do it: This simply refers to an individual who does not have what it takes to embark on such a journey to achieve his or her goals as a leader. Achieving the goals that you have set for yourself and the whole unit is one of the most demanding tasks that you can ever come across physically, emotionally, psychologically and even socially.

    This therefore means that you need to have the strength with which you will forge ahead with all the other members of the group. Since you are expected to always take the lead in all the activities that the group will embark on, it is very essential that you are fit in all the various facets of being a leader. However, lacking in physical, social, emotional and psychological areas of being a leader is simply like saying you do not have the capacity to do the task that you have outlined. 

    This is one main reason for a target not being achieved by a leader and it is mostly down to the gospel truth that he or she could not do what he or she did set as organisational goals. Such a person lacks the much needed know-how with which he or she can move the whole group or organisation forward. There is not any other better way to put it other than the fact that even though he or she is the one who came up with those goals or targets he or she is at a loss as to how things should be started and what should be done at every stage of their journey towards the desired goal or target.

    This is the first reason that can be given for not achieving your goal as a leader.
    You do not want to do it: This is the second major reason that can be given for not achieving your goal as a leader. It deals mainly with you not being willing enough to undertake such a task even though you have all the necessary skills, knowledge and qualities that are needed in order to excel in such a position. The main reason that can be given for a person who is not willing to embark on a journey to achieve set goals can be many but the one that holds water is that he or she might not have the desired level of inspiration that is needed to succeed in which case he or she will prefer to stay away from such a group and the goals that have been set. There are a number of people who have been nominated by others to take certain leadership positions only for such people to turn the offer down. They do not find any inspiration in the process or the product and as such do not want to entangle themselves with always being stressed up just to achieve a goal.

    These two reasons are the only ones that can be given whenever a goal cannot be achieved and in the case of not having what it takes to achieve the goal it all rests on the fact that the leader is incompetent. However, with the leader who does not wish to do it, he or she has it all but is lacking inspiration.

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