Accent the Affirmative


    We lead better and follow better when the mood or atmosphere is positive. We are inspired when the vibe is good.

    Most of us know this from experience. If we are in a relationship of any sort-work, family, romantic, or social-where the mood is unhappy, heavy, or depressing, we feel ourselves dragged down. We will feel uninspired.

    Conversely, if that same situation has optimism and enthusiasm, we will feel that mood moving through us as well. People who are in emotionally safe, trusting, and supportive environments take more risks. They feel freer to be creative and spontaneous.

    Great Minds

    The Dali Lama states it this way: “Choose optimism. It feels better.”

    You can read books about leadership which appeals to your brain. But what can be more effective is when we learn through our heart. Then you are using an emotional model.

    If you can access the body and emotional memory you have of the impact of emotions on your productivity and levels of inspiration, you will begin to live from this model. That which you become aware of in yourself and consciously access will begin to shape your life.

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