Defining A Vision


    Vision is defined as an ability to see and, ‘a mental image that does not exist’. It does not encompass the term vision as an inspirational tool of transformational change. It is used to express the future yet it transcends representational time. It represents all that is possible; all exemplary leaders have had a vision, a heartfelt dream for the future. They also possess an ability to express their vision and engage others to believe in it also.

    Having a vision is not enough, great leaders know it is essential to live in that vision and possess the attributes required to manifest it into reality. In order to create anything in this world, it first has to be imagined, fuelled by positive energy, inspired action and a firm belief in its manifestation.

    When people create a vision, it is often described in the following terms: Currency, Quality, Market Share, Reputation, Recognition, Community, Environmental or Lifestyle. Each of us hold different sets of values and this will be reflected in our personal visions.

    Our representational systems are our five senses and our intuition, which allow us to experience the world. We describe our vision based on our preferred system, usually our visual, auditory or kinaesthetic systems.
    Visual descriptions are mainly internal images like photos of the future; you will describe what the vision looks like and may draw or use graphics to develop it. Auditory descriptions tend to lean towards stories, metaphors and vivid conversations to deepen their vision. Kinaesthetic is described by how we will feel when the vision is manifested and use emotional terms to explain it.

    This visceral connection is very powerful when creating your vision, also to anchor the feeling within. Including all major representational systems in your vision is important both for yourself as a leader and to instil in your listeners. Know how it will look, smell, feel, sound and taste like when you have achieved it. Ensure the picture is larger, brighter and more prominent in your mind than your current reality.
    “Through individual consciousness, we guide and shape the meta-consciousness of others.”

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