Energy and Inspiration


    Charisma is not energy and inspiration. We are talking about the ability to be open and authentic enough for people around the leader to personally feel and be impacted by that leader’s passion.

    This is the sense that the leader has a direction and the energy to pursue it, and he or she is genuinely enjoying the pursuit.

    It is the feeling of confidence in the intention of the leader. It is the recognition that the leader is indeed charting the course and is living toward it.

    Through this, people around that leader will also be inspired to take creative action toward the goal of the future. We call this core area “inspirational presence.”

    Inspirational presence

    Inspirational presence resides in the center and is the place of learning and integration of all other parts.

    We are referring to the life practice of leaders.

    While many people believe that leaders are born with inherent abilities to engage others, environment and mental patterns shape those abilities throughout life.

    The practice of leadership begins and ends with presence. This is how we engage others, but it is also how we engage our own deeper self and understand what and who we are as humans.

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