High Goals must be Good Goals?


    Perhaps you should ask why you would set low goals. Because the higher your goals the more likely you are to attain something truly worthwhile.

    When we think about accomplishing a goal, we have to focus on the way that we get there. As a conscious leader, we realize that our desired state is not only “out there” in the future; it also is “right here” as we are living this moment.

    Not only do we want to accomplish goals that leave the world a better place, but we also want to live in such a way as to feel rewarded and fulfilled as we get there.

    High goals do not mean bad health

    In the dot-com days of Silicon Valley, there were a huge number of people who lived a frenetic, project-driven lifestyle. It was the norm to sleep on their desks or in their cars because the days were so long that they didn’t have time to go home.

    While you can say that they had big ambitions and lofty aspirations, their performance goals were not always particularly high. They had goals that required them to work long, hard, sometimes grueling hours.

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