How hard is it To Change?


    You’re a leader and you believe you need to change. Fine. But how do you change and can you do it? The answer is clearly “yes’ say those who have followed the methods explained by Dr Jeff Evans in his ground-breaking book Inspirational Presence.

    As Dr Evans explains, “The work of this book is to teach leaders how they can accomplish transformation in the simplest form possible. My highest aspiration for this book is simply for it to be useful. I hope it will open a way of thinking for people who want to transform their environments and provide a guide that will fuel positive and creative change in the world.”

    Sounds great. Sounds just like the ideal way for you to change for the better. Change is possible and you can accomplish great things.

    Remember change is no good unless it helps both you and your colleagues and it continues. Lasting change means your new leadership skills keep on keeping on. And personal sessions with a team member from the EGL Group can be the quickest and most effective way to get change happening in your life and company.

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