People Ultimately Choose Their Lives

    We are all ultimately responsible for every aspect of our lives, all our thoughts, words and actions. Our behaviours are choices we make in any given moment. We may do this in unawareness but it occurs nonetheless. We even choose the areas of life where we stay unaware and underdeveloped. This is the power of human consciousness.

    As leaders, this enforces the fact that people cannot be forced. It is possible to imprison the body, but not the mind of others. Methods of brainwashing have been used, but receive only temporary results. Systems are created to influence people’s thoughts but again it is impossible to place control on how much information people receive or how it is perceived. Good leaders know they cannot control other people, nor do they want to.

    Some in authority would like to dictate the direction of others but it is impossible to achieve any real degree of success. We humans choose who we are, how we operate in the world and what we will achieve, always.

    Leaders of change know this as a fact and honor individual choice. When people comply to follow a direction, the outcome pales in comparison to what can be achieved when one commits passionately to a desired direction, when it comes from the heart. To establish if you are leading from a place of inspiration or control take some time over the following questions:

    • If I were not in my current position, would people still follow my lead?
    • Would people choose to commit their energy to my causes completely and willingly? Would people believe in my message for the future?
    • Would people care about my message?
    • If I were not in my current role, would I care enough to go where I am trying to lead others?
    • If I were not in my current role, would I listen to what I had to say?

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