Power of Intention

    Intention is defined as “an anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions”. If you first understand what your anticipated outcome is, you will be aware what planned actions are to follow. We use intention in our daily lives without realizing. Often we anticipate a negative outcome; we are then subconsciously guiding our actions towards creating that reality. For example, Ann goes into work each Monday knowing expecting difficulties (anticipated outcome) and as things go wrong throughout the day (guides planned action) she confirms this ‘reality’ If Ann was told that she had an intention for each Monday to go badly, she would disagree, yet this is the law of attraction in action.

    What we think about, what we believe and what we place our focus on becomes real for us. It manifests in our physical reality. We create our lives by where we place our focus. This natural law of the universe is always working whether you have been aware of it or not. When Ann says that she knew Monday would go badly again as it always does, she creates this reality.

    When we choose the highest possible anticipated outcome, we set in motion ensuing actions that propel us towards that intended outcome. One who creates a passive wish into clear desired outcome shows great leadership abilities. It is all about being conscious and choosing our intentions wisely.

    As a leader, you must be very clear about your anticipated outcomes. Our belief systems, both consciously and subconsciously affect our intentions. These are our default programs that are the basis for all that we expect or intend to happen. As a leader, it is important to ensure that you have eliminated negative limiting beliefs so you can consciously intend positive outcomes and guide your actions to ensure you and your followers have constructive accomplishments.

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