Transformational Leaders In Action


    Transformational leaders in action. Once you have mastered the competency of vision, action is the next step. A Native American saying, “when you pray, move your feet” equates vision to the prayer and action to moving your feet. It is essential to move immediately, when you are inspired towards change. Leaders demonstrate commitment by their actions, allowing the energy of the vision to move through them into reality.

    The organizational wheel shows that action is the bridging competency of vision in the north and presence in the center. It is the action of living the life you desire. Others are compelled by the vision of great transformational leaders and inspired by their presence. Action is the process of living the vision.

    Transformational leaders immediately move away from their current state and take action to step into their vision bringing others with them. They commit to supporting others to turn their imagination into reality by aligning all areas of their live with the vision. By bringing the future vision into the present moment, the leader anchors it to change the current reality. When we place intentional focus on our vision, we utilize the energy of our consciousness to interact with the universe to create tension towards it.

    Transformational leaders see life as a series of choice points where they can continually attempt to create their ideal in every moment of life. Practice the power of transformation in every moment by mentally managing your internal state. For example if your vision entails living life as a successful happy investor looking for the best options, yet in your current state you are unhappy and uninspired, instant action is necessary. Change your self-talk and thoughts to guide your internal state to one of happiness.

    Change all mental and physical patterns unaligned with your vision. Rehearse the feelings and scenarios that you want to manifest in all areas. Make changes externally to match your vision state, notice how you are spending your time and analyse if this is in alignment. Remember the importance of acting as if your vision is already realized.

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