What Are The Qualities Of A Transformational Leader?


    What are the qualities of a transformational leader? To be able to fully grasp the idea of the qualities of a transformational leader, one must first try to understand what it means when the term ‘transformational leader’ is used and who can be referred to as a transformational leader.

    What is transformational leadership?
    Transformational leadership is the type of leadership that has the sole objective of using a number of intimate ways in a bid to cause some positive changes within the members of that particular organization or group. This is mainly done to help get the members to really work hard for the attainment of the long term objectives of the group or organization.

    Who can be referred to as a transformational leader?
    A transformational leader is the individual who even as a leader does not allow him or herself to get carried away with his position but rather seeks to establish a cordial and relaxed working relationship with each and every individual member of the group or organization. He or she is equally concerned about the personal lives of the members as he or she cares for that of the group or organization. He or she realizes that it is only when members of the group are happy and fit that they can put in their best towards the realization of the group’s dreams.
    Now that you do know what transformational leadership is and who can be referred to as a transformational leader, it is time to look at the qualities of a transformational leader. These qualities are discussed in the paragraphs below.

    VisionThis is a quality that is required of each and every individual who wishes to become a transformational leader. He or she should have a clear idea as to what the group wishes to achieve and the ways through which such things can be effectively done. Being a leader without any concrete vision for the group is a total waste of time and energy as the members within the group are bound to become bored and tired of doing everything but not achieving anything concrete at the end of it all. Having a concrete vision as a leader helps your members to have a true connection with the journey that they are embarking on with you.

    ActionAs a transformational leader, you are also expected to be at the forefront of everything that you wish your members to do. It is always comforting and reassuring to members when they find out that their leaders are totally involved with the work that needs to be done. A transformational leader should not sit back and expect his or her members to get the job done. He or she should always take the lead in the task at hand so that the members can follow suit.

    AspirationA leader without any aspirations is like a fish out of water – you are just preparing yourself for obscurity. As a transformational leader, you must let your members know of the aspirations that you have for the group and what it does. This means that there should be well-stated objectives for the group and this will help in ensuring that each and every duty performed will be guided towards those objectives. A transformational leader, therefore, should aspire for greater achievable things for the group and draw the members towards achieving those aspirations.

    CollaborationThis refers to the act of working hand in hand with each and every member of the group in a very efficient way which will ensure that the objectives of the group are achieved. As a transformational leader, you are not expected to be making all the vital decisions without seeking the views of your members and whether they will be willing to follow you. This means that you should always involve your members in all the decisions that are taken which concern the group and its activities. When members realize that their ideas are also essential for the running of the organization, they are always spurred on to work tediously and diligently in order to help accomplish the desires of the organization.

    InspirationA transformational leader should and must possess a kind of presence that gets people inspired to join him or her on whatever project he or she undertakes. This means that you should be well inspired by yourself so that such inspiration can be transferred to your members. Whenever a leader is inspired, he or she is committed to the success and wellbeing of the group and therefore members are also able to draw on his or her inspiration in order to become inspired.

    To get this far shows that you are now in a better position to display all the qualities of a transformational leader.

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