Yes, But Does a Leader Lead?



    In many cases the leader or chief is known as the boss. They are the person who is in charge through his or her formal authority. But in reality, a large percentage of people who have the title or designation of leader are not leading at all.

    They may be directing or providing managerial functions, but they are not leading. They are in positions to exercise power through authority.

    What is true leadership?

    When we talk about leadership, we lean toward having people who follow because they want to, not because they have to. When we get into the social nuances of empowered systems, we see that this type of leadership is generous and allows others to share in the direction and to expand on their own passions as well.

    This allows for the synergy of groups and allows the natural phenomenon of collective consciousness to do the creative designs on its own.

    Calling a person a leader does not make him or her one. A person who is in a position of authority and who has extended impact over the lives of others must also lead.

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